Customer FAQ’s

What is is a new service from An Post connecting people everywhere with their local stores in their home town and providing a fast and efficient delivery service nationwide, Monday to Saturday excluding Bank Holidays.

An Post provides all participating stores in your town with a web presence on the site where you can order and pay for your favourite local goods and An Post will endeavour deliver them on behalf of the store the following day locally and within 48 hours nationwide.

Can I purchase goods from any store or does it have to be in my local town?

You can purchase from any participating store in any locality and the store will arrange for An Post to make delivery. Just remember that we aim to deliver within 24 hours form your local stores and up to 48 hours nationwide

Can I purchase from any store in my local town?

You can only purchase from participating stores, such stores are listed on the site and display the sign on the store window.

Can I get my goods delivered to someone else?

Yes. Your delivery options are set out below. If you are not available to accept delivery at your address or if for example you’re sending a gift for that special occasion you simply select an alternative delivery address.

How soon will will my purchases be delivered?

An Post will make the delivery on behalf of the store

Your goods have an estimated delivery time of 24 hours locally and 48 hours nationwide by your local post person.

What if I’m not home when the Post person calls?

You will receive a call (to the number which you have provided when placing your order) informing you of the expected delivery time. If the expected delivery time does not suit you, you may select one of the following options:

  1. A - Delivery to an alternative address, nominated by you, which is on the same delivery route.
  2. B - Delivery to a “Safe Place” nominated by you.

Does “Safe Place” mean I can tell the post person simply to leave my package on the porch?

Yes; you can choose where you want your goods left, just be sure it is reasonably safe and dry as once delivered, the safety of the goods is your sole responsibility.

Is there any weight or size limit on the goods?


Maximum weight is 20Kg

Maximum package size is Length 1.5 meters and Length plus Grith is 3 meters.Grith means 2x (Depth plus Width)

Can I collect the goods myself?

Yes; if you like you can order the goods on the site and pay the store directly or order and pay for the goods on the site and simply pick them up yourself or have somebody else pick them up for you from the store if click and collect is more convenient for you.You cannot have goods ordered and paid for on the site delivered by a third party commercial delivery service.

Do I have to make each purchase on the website?

No. If you already know what you wish to purchase and, you can phone the store directly and order the goods and pay for them over the phone. The store will then arrange for delivery by An Post in the normal way.

Or if you’re already in town you can pop into the store and purchase the goods by and have the store arrange for delivery by An Post in the normal way.

How do I pay?

Payment on the site can be made either by debit card or by credit card and your payment is remitted to the store.

Payment over the phone will depend on your store.

Payment by cash or card in store and the store arranges for An Post to deliver your goods to you.

Do I have to enter my details every time I make a purchase?

If you register as a customer on your address and card details will be stored so you don’t have to enter them each time you make a purchase.

What if I am not satisfied with the goods after they have been delivered?

If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with your goods after delivery you must contact the store regarding its returns policy. An Post has no obligation to you in this regard. An Post at all times is providing the delivery service to you on behalf of the store and has no responsibility to you for the goods after delivery.

Where can I get more information on this service from An Post?

You can contact An Post at